Summer Safety in July

Summer is a time when people and their families take vacation and enjoy the outdoors with many activities and experiences. As we have fun, we must also consider safety as we do more things outdoors. Some of common areas of concern are the heat, the sun, bugs, and water safety. 

The National Safety Council has some good safety reminders and education for the summer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also has some great resources to help you understand preventive considerations and action for the family and children. 

Summer is also a time when Farmers Markets are in full swings with lots of fresh produce including a variety of fruits and vegetables. The Mississippi Farmer's Market on High Street in Jackson is a great place in central Mississippi and is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. You can find a Farmers Market and a Certified Farmers Market in your area where they list them by county. 


The MSBGH is a member of the Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions. The NAHPC offers action briefs, Info-graphics, reports, and tool-kits to help employers with trending knowledge and key issues. 

Specialty Marketplace Info-graphic

Rheumatoid Arthritis Action Brief




Levi Strauss & Co. held a farmers market at their distribution center in Canton, Mississippi held a Farmers Market for their employees to bring healthy foods to them to save then time, money, all while teaching them health and well-being. 


TOOLS in the toolkit and toolbox

The tools in the TOOLKIT are to help any site visitor with resources to learn more about employer health and health care value. These resources include information on program planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of employer health and well-being initiatives and programs. The TOOLBOX is a members-only resource which houses previous meetings presentations, national meeting presentations, state and national reports, and tool kits for specific lifestyle and health conditions. 


 Check out the Choosing Wisely Toolkit to help you communicate health care consumerism. 

 Need some research basis for your programs and efforts, view the research by HERO. 


View the slides from last year Employer Health and Health Care Value Meetings.

View the slides from last year's NAHPC's , formally known as the NBCH, All-Member Meeting. 

As a member, you will have access to more resources and information like these two examples. 

The MSBGH is the state's most powerful voice for employers in employer health and health care value. 

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