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The Mississippi Employer Health Data Set also known as the Health Data Set  is collaborative effort of the Mississippi Business Group on Health and Vigilant Health for the members of the MSBGH. 

The purpose of the Health Data Set is to allow employers to pool data, to share experience and apply state of the art analytics to develop solutions that lower health plan costs and improve the health and productivity of their employees and health plan members. 

The data, analytics, and reports generated by the Health Data Set will be used, among other things, to perform comprehensive utilization, quality of care, and cost analyses to enable participating MSBGH members who participate to evaluate and provide effective incentives improving care and reducing costs. The reports will also include an analysis of the overall populations's health profile in the form of a plan of care for the health plan. All data and reports will be de-identified and the process is HIPAA complaint. The appropriate NDA will need to be completed with each employer’s carrier/tpa in order to participate in the HDS. 


  • Creating a highly secure and trusted data warehouse
  • Regular accumulations of employer health claims data
  • Industry-leading analysis and health care intelligence
  • Objective data, clear reports, interpretive guidance, and actionable information
  • Participants will receive a report with data visualization to support understanding and decision making from their own data.
  • Explore and review the aggregate data during a MSBGH Health Data Set Participant Symposium. 
  • Cost of participation is $3000 for MSBGH members, retail is $4000
For more information, please contact Chris Morgan, cmorgan@msbgh.org.

The Mississippi Business Group on Health is the state's most powerful voice for employers in employer health and health care. 

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