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Upcoming Member Events

    • 12 Aug 2020
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CDT)

    Please join us for our monthly COVID-19 & Employer Zoom meeting series highlighting trending employer issues during the current pandemic.

    Participants for this session will learn about the current trends in healthcare needs in behavioral, emotional, and mental health in the employer population. Hear about the different ways that companies can support behavioral health with employee benefits and workplace culture.

    Take away some easy and practical strategies that you can use in the evolving workplace – remote and  facility-based.


    Anneliese Stroup, MS, NCC, LPC

    Clinical Provider

    American Behavioral, an IBH Company

    Owner, iHope Counseling Service

Past events

15 Jul 2020 COVID-19 & Employers: Health Risks and Co-morbidities, and the Coronavirus
23 Jun 2020 MSBGH Zoom:COVID-19 & Employers - The CMO's Perspective
15 Jan 2020 2020 MML Health Fair Vendor Registration
15 Nov 2019 2019 Shape Up at the Capitol - Vendor Registration
12 Nov 2019 Direct Primary Care - What is it and can it help?
24 Oct 2019 Golden Triangle Employer Health & Wellbeing Resource Fair
16 Oct 2019 Coastal Employers Roundtable Meeting
08 Oct 2019 MSBGH Webinar - Is There A Relationship Between Gut Health and Disease?
10 Sep 2019 MSBGH Webinar - I Won...and you can too! Becoming a Healthiest Workplace Awards Winner
21 Aug 2019 Central Mississippi Employer Health and Wellbeing Resource Fair
13 Aug 2019 MSBGH Webinar - Headaches and Migraines - What can an employer do?
11 Jul 2019 Gulf Coast Innovations in Employer Health
09 Jul 2019 Consumerism - How Healthcare Navigators Can Help!
13 Jun 2019 MSBGH Coastal Employers Resource Fair
13 Jun 2019 2019 State Employee Day at the MS Farmers Market
11 Jun 2019 MSBGH Webinar: How to Implement a Value-Based Tobacco Treatment Program
22 May 2019 Healthy Workplace Healthy Community Training
14 May 2019 MSBGH Webinar: Communicating and Engaging the Workforce
09 Apr 2019 MSBGH Webinar: What Every Employer Needs to Know About Managing Pharmacy and Specialty Medications
12 Mar 2019 MSBGH Webinar: Considerations for Health Plan Design
12 Feb 2019 MSBGH Webinar: Applying for the Healthiest Work Place Awards
05 Dec 2018 Partnerships for Health Improvement
23 Oct 2018 Innovations in Healthcare Delivery Meeting
19 Oct 2018 2018 Shape up at the Capitol Vendor Registration
09 Oct 2018 MSBGH Webinar: An Introduction to Alternate Payment Models and Bundled Payments
12 Sep 2018 MSBGH Webinar: Economics of Healthcare
16 Aug 2018 2018 Governor's Health Care Economic Development Summit
12 Jun 2018 Webinar: How to successfully transition to value-based payment arrangements
07 Jun 2018 Community Resource Fair Vendor Registration for 2018 State Employee Day at the MS Farmers Market
23 May 2018 2018 Healthy Workplace Healthy Communities Conference
16 May 2018 MSBGH Central Mississippi Meeting- Putting Data to Work - Using a Health Data Set.
10 Apr 2018 MSBGH Webinar: Communicating and engagement into employee benefits and wellbeing
21 Mar 2018 MSBGH South Region Meeting: Putting Data to Work - Using a Health Data Set
20 Mar 2018 MSBGH Coastal Region Meeting - Putting Data to Work - Using a Health Data Set
13 Mar 2018 MSBGH Webinar: Bundled Payments - Don Davenport, CEO BARINET
07 Mar 2018 MSBGH Northern Region Meeting - Putting Data to Work - Using a Health Data Set
15 Nov 2017 MSBGH Employer Leaders Round Table
14 Nov 2017 MSBGH Health Care Leaders Round Table
20 Oct 2017 2017 Shape Up at the Capitol
10 Oct 2017 8th Annual Healthcare Summit at Mississippi College
24 Aug 2017 Diabesity - Employer Solutions
28 Jun 2017 SEWP: Healthy Food and Healthy Food Policy Training
15 Jun 2017 Diabesity – Employer Solutions
27 May 2017 Healthy Workplace, Healthy Community Conference
20 Apr 2017 Employer Health and Workplace Wellness Luncheon - Mississippi Gulf Coast
06 Apr 2017 Diabesity – Employer solutions with metabolic and obesity health
06 Dec 2016 2016 MSBGH Annual Meeting
16 Nov 2016 Employers and Smoking Cessation Meeting
25 Oct 2016 7th Annual Health Care Summit
27 Jul 2016 2016 Healthy Workplace Awards Luncheon
11 Apr 2016 The Value of Employer Health and Health Care Quality
07 Apr 2016 The Value of Employer Health and Health Care Quality
31 Mar 2016 The Value of Employer Health and Health Care Quality

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