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  • 13 Nov 2019 1:38 PM | Anonymous member

    Members of the MSBGH and guests recently participated in a webinar focusing on Direct Primary Care (DPC).   Presenters were Jed Constantz, Dr.B.A. and independent Healthcare Strategy Consultant and Warren Herring, President and CEO of TrustCareHealth.   Webinar attendees learned more about:

    - Two main reasons employers are offering DPC: To help increase the quality of care being provided and to help control their costs.

    -  How successfully using DPC can reduce an employer's health care spend from 15-40% of their total healthcare spend. 

    - Strategies to get employees to use DPC  for their care. 

    - Insight from employers who use DPC and how it helps with employee retention and satisfaction.

    More information is available on the Members Only tab at www.msbgh.org.

  • 21 Oct 2019 4:56 PM | Anonymous member

    Several employers from across the coastal counties of Mississippi met on October 16th in Ocean Springs.

    The purpose of the meeting was to help coastal employers better understand healthcare value and quality in order to meet the current and future needs of their employees.

    Topics discussed included:

    - Awareness of the various value and quality measures in use

    - How to know which quality measure to share with your employees

    - Incentives needed to promote change for all

    - Pilot opportunities for coastal employers with coastal healthcare providers

    A similar meeting was held in September for coastal healthcare providers.  The next step will be advancing pilot opportunities for coastal employers with coastal healthcare providers.  By sponsoring meeting such as this, the Mississippi Business Group on Health is helping employers find solutions through collaboration.

  • 09 Oct 2019 9:27 AM | Anonymous member

    The MSBGH recently held a webinar which was presented by DayTwo.   This innovative company focuses on ways to help employers better assists and manage pre-diabetic and diabetic employees.   Speakers included Josh Stevens, President, DayTwo and Dr. Jan Berger, Clinical Advisor, DayTwo.  

    Webinar discussion  topics included: 

    - Understanding how each pre-diabetic or diabetic's body differs in how it processes and stores food

    - How testing individuals can help in determining what foods are helpful to them (results of their findings were presented, A1C lowered, weight loss, more adherence in care plans)

    - Learning how food can be used as a medicine to develop personalized plans that can help better manage pre-diabetic and diabetics

    Key Take-a-ways included:

    - By better understanding what foods are useful for pre-diabetic and diabetic employees, employers can greatly improve health and have more presenteeism at work while saving money for all

    - Invitation for webinar participant employers to participate in a Beta-Test opportunity for free (offer expires October 31, 2019)

    The full presentation can be found in the Members-Only section of the MSBGH webpage.

  • 27 Sep 2019 1:48 PM | Anonymous member

    Healthcare leaders from across the Coast of MS participated in a first-ever MSBGH "Healthcare Leaders Roundtable" meeting.  Representatives from coastal health systems and medical practices had a great discussion and shared ideas on how to better partner with coastal employers.  Additionally, attendees offered recommendations and advise for coastal employers.  A similar roundtable meeting will be hosted on October 16th for Coastal Employers.  The purpose of these meetings is to foster a better understanding of each other's needs and capabilities and find better ways to offer value and quality to employees and their family members who live and work along Coastal MS.  

  • 13 Aug 2019 1:16 PM | Anonymous member

    Members and guests of the MSBGH enjoyed a great webinar on how to diagnose and manage employees with headaches and migraines.  Speakers included Dr. Wayne N. Burton (Former Chief Medical Officer, American Express) and Gaye Fortner, MSN (Chief Executive Officer, HealthCare 21 Business Coalition).

    Discussion included: 

    - Defining Migraine and Its Impact on Employers

    - A Fresh Look at Migraine Epidemiology and Economic Burden

    - Impact of a Migraine Education Program in the Workplace

    - Solution-Oriented Tools for Employers

    Key Take-a-ways included:

    - The need to better identify employees with headaches and migraines

    - Using claims data to understand the prevalence of headaches and migraines for your employees

    - Using screening tools to help determine who can benefit from better care management and interventions

    The full presentation can be found in the Members-Only section of the MSBGH webpage.

  • 29 Jul 2019 3:51 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The MSBGH is proud to announce the finalists and award winners for the 2019 Healthiest Workplace Awards. These employers have shown dedication and focus to creating healthier workplaces using best practice approaches.  Congratulations to all! These awards are a collaboration between the MSBGH, the Mississippi State Department of Health, and the Mississippi Business Journal. And the winners are:

    Public Sector


    1.      Legislative Budget Office

    2.      Mississippi Community College Board

    3.      IHL



    Mississippi Gaming Commission

    South Mississippi Regional Center

    Private Sector

    Small (1-99)


    1.      Waggoner Engineering

    2.      EMC Insurance

    3.      Blacklidge Emulsions


    Anytime Fitness

    Phi Theta Kappa

    Medium (100-249)


    1.      Ross & Yerger

    2.      Metro YMCA’s of Mississippi

    Large (250-749)


    1.      Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company

    2.      Borg Warner

    3.      Levi Strauss & Co.

    Mega-Large (750 +)


    1.      Ingalls Ship Building

    2.      Hol-Mac Corporation

    3.      Trustmark Bank


    Sanderson Farms

    Southern Pipe & Supply

    Healthcare Systems


    1.      University of Mississippi Medical Center

    2.      Singing River Health System

    3.      St. Dominic Health Services


    Delta Regional Medical Center



    1.      Northeast Mississippi Community College


  • 28 Jun 2019 11:20 AM | Anonymous member

    The Mississippi Business Group on Health (MSBGH) held an employer roundtable meeting in Starkville, Mississippi at The Greater Starkville Partnership office on Thursday, June 13th.

    Representatives from local companies such as PECO Foods, Renaissance Bank, the City of Starkville, Regions Bank, Choctaw Regional Medical Center, and others met to discuss and share concerns as well as solutions for improving employee health while managing chronic disease and ongoing health benefit cost increases.

    “I was very impressed with the level of sharing that took place in this first meeting,” said Christie Lawrence, area representative for the Mississippi Business Group on Health (MSBGH) in the Golden Triangle Region (GTR). “Several employers seemed to have robust employee wellness programs while others were just getting started, and it was obvious everyone is frustrated with the high cost of prescriptions and the lack of employee awareness of health benefits that help employees stay healthy with little or no out-of-pocket costs.”

    MSBGH Executive Director, Murray Harber, shared how employers are collaborating around the state to improve employee health while generating cost savings.  The next step for GTR area employers will be an employer resource fair similar to the one held on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Murray also shared that the Golden Triangle Human Resource Association (GTHRA) has already agreed to co-sponsor the event this fall.

    In closing, Mr. Harber encouraged employers to participate in the free educational webinars sponsored by MSBGH each month since these offer great information on health and wellness programs and other hot topics. Employers can register for these events on the MSBGH website at www.msbgh.org, and they can also learn about the value of MSBGH membership as well.

  • 26 Jun 2019 12:14 PM | Anonymous member

    An Employer Resource Fair was held in mid-June for employers along the MS Gulf Coast.  The event was organized by The Mississippi Business Group on Health in partnership with The National Diabetes & Obesity Research Institute at Tradition and the Mississippi State Department of Health.  More than 40 employers and exhibitors participated in the Resource Fair. 

    Attendees gained valuable information on a wide array of services that are available to support and help coastal employers better manage the health of their employees.  Ed Hagar (of Ingalls Shipbuilding and President of the Board of the MSBGH) welcomed attendees to the fair.  Given the success of this event, organizers will host another Resource Fair in 2020.  Details and registration information will be available in early 2020.

  • 29 May 2019 8:01 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Did you know that over 31 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches? Women have migraines at a rate of 3x that of men. When it comes to health costs, those that suffer from migraines have 2.5 times the cost of those that do not have them. 

    Employers should care about migraines with there employees and their families. In fact, when an employee who has migraines has an attack, it can last from 72 hours to a week which can affect absenteeism, presenteeism, and overall engagement drastically. 

    Prevention is the key and employers can provide a variety of preventive steps including reducing triggers, taking medication which can prevent the onset, and offer quiet rooms to help them when they do have an attack during the workday. 

    Click the following links to read more about the facts in this issue brief and Ways to Work with Migraines. Please visit the Midwest Business Group on Health's Toolkit for more resources. 

  • 28 Feb 2019 3:56 PM | Anonymous member

    (Article posted by Alan Turner)

    There are many challenges in the health care field these days. Costs are skyrocketing, access to care is a continuing problem in many areas, and businesses and their employees are being negatively impacted in many ways.

    One group in Mississippi is working diligently to make a difference. The Mississippi Business Group on Health, established in 2014 as an association for Mississippi employers who were becoming increasingly concerned not only with the rapid rise of cost in providing good health care benefits for their employees, but also concerned over the negative impact on workplace productivity for employees who were not healthy.

    The mission of the MBGH is straightforward: to work hard at creating healthy workplaces for employees, encouraging good health practices, and supporting employees and their families. This is obviously a win-win scenario in which all benefit, and during the past few years, both small and large employers have seen the benefits of adopting wellness and healthy workplace programs for their employees.

    I talked recently with Murray Harber, Executive Director for the MBGH, for a perspective on how these programs benefit companies and employees alike.

    Murray came back to the South after spending years in Minnesota, where he was an exercise physiologist, college coach, and had in-depth experience in building and supporting wellness programs. Since arriving in Mississippi, he’s been a leading proponent of workplace wellness programs throughout the state.

    I asked Murray why healthy workplaces are so important for businesses of all sizes.

    “To begin with, it’s the right thing to do,” he said. “Workplace wellness programs definitely help to lower absenteeism, increase productivity, improve morale, and help to reduce costs for the companies and their employees. Those are great benefits for all concerned.”

    Murray told me that they’re working to create partnerships between employers and employees through transparency and consumerism, so that employees become more knowledgeable about their own health practices and options.

    “We work hard to help folks get the best care at the lowest cost,” he said.

    How can that be accomplished?

    “A great program is one that incorporates good choices, such as diet and water, exercise, and definitely, awareness of important and beneficial practices for employees and their families,” he said.

    Does a company need to be large in order to create and support workplace wellness programs?

    “Absolutely not,” Murray said. “Even companies with a small number of employees can develop an effective program in their workplace, and everyone will share the benefits. We see many instances of smaller companies getting folks involved and excited, because it’s hard to argue that healthier employees are not happy and productive employees.”

    We discussed the upcoming Mississippi’s Healthiest Workplaces awards. The program is a partnership between the MBGH, the Mississippi State Department of Health, and the Mississippi Business Journal.

    “That’s coming up in July,” Murray said. “There’s a lot of excitement about this year’s program, and it’s really great to be able to recognize employers of all sizes for their accomplishments in workplace wellness.”

    To participate, companies submit information on their workplace wellness programs, what they offer, how they support the programs, and the results that they have seen in their workplaces as a result of the program.

    “It’s all about keeping folks healthy and away from catastrophic health events which compromise their lives and those of their families,” Murray said. “Through the Mississippi’s Healthiest Workplaces awards, we all learn about those companies that have helped their employees to achieve that goal, and coincidentally, helped to reduce their own costs and improve workplace productivity.”

    Murray encourages all Mississippi employers to consider establishing wellness programs. More information about the MBGH and the Healthiest Workplaces event can be found on their website at MSBGH.com, as well as on the Mississippi Business Journal site at MSBusiness.com.

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